Saturday 12 June 2010

Shintaro Miyazaki [Institute for Algorhythmics]


Shintaro Miyazaki (Media theorist & artist), born 1980 in Berlin has spend his youth in Basel (Switzerland) and has studied Media Theory, Musicology and Philosophy at the University of Basel (M.A.). Since 2007 he lives and works in Berlin.

Miyazaki is interested in the Epistemology and Archeology of everyday technologies, which store, transmit and calculate/manipulate informations. In general he is interested in the hidden structural relations between sound/music and the cutting edge of knowledge, technology, science and culture.
He is currently a PhD Researcher at Humboldt University Berlin under Prof. Wolfgang Ernst and holds a scholarship by cogito foundation (Switzerland). In 2008 he founded “Institute for Algorhythmics” his latest art, research and design project.

For more information about  Shintaro's presentations and research, click here

The Institute for Algorhythmics are Michael Chinen, Akitoshi Honda & Shintaro Miyazaki

宮﨑申太郎 (メディア論研究者 とアーティスト)