Saturday 12 June 2010

Institute for Algorhythmics @ S.LOW

Founded 2008 by Shintaro Miyazaki and currently with two other co-workers (Akitoshi Honda, Michael Chinen) “Institute for Algorhythmics” is a ongoing independent art, research, curation and design project, which investigates the algorhythmic structures in our contemporary life, culture and society. Algorhythm is an alternative word formation by Shintaro Miyazaki, which combined the words ALGORITHM and RHYTHM. An algorithm is a finite sequence of step-by-step instructions, a procedure for solving a problem, often used in computers as programms or in everyday life as cooking recipes. Rhythm on the otherside is defined since the ancient greek philosopher Plato as a time based order of movement. Everybody knows the rhythm of his heart or enjoys music.
Algorhythms occur when real matter is controlled by symbolic structures like instructions written as code. Algorhythms show us that our digital culture is not immaterial, but divided in time. Time + music becomes important for understanding media. With enough scientific effort the invisible electronic or electromagnetic (wireless) signals can be made hearable. Listening to those digitally modulated signals, you can hear the rhythmic character of the signals of most digitally working devices and also of wireless consumer electronic networks like WLAN, GSM, UMTS, Bluetooth, digital TV and Radio et cetera.

“Institute for Algorhythmics” assumes that we are surrounded with unhearable algorhythms everyday and claims that there are ubiquitous. As an ongoing art and research project “Institute for Algorhythmics” is hearing and looking mostly to the epistemology of consumer electronics or digital media technology and is open for new collaborators and will come out with its latest research results in diverse forms of expressions like: Text, sound, performance, exhibition, concert or lecture.

The Institute for Algorhythmics are Michael ChinenAkitoshi Honda & Shintaro Miyazaki