Wednesday 18 August 2010

dj Ein volk, ein volk, ein situationnisme ®© + diewurstbrucke [Electronics] / Julian Bonequi [manipulated drums, electronics and voice]


Julian Bonequi (born December 27, 1974 ) is a Mexican artist working mostly with Noise and Improvisation. Parallely with his development and professional interest in Art and Design, since 1995 is devoted to Music.
Curator of Audition Records, Cultural Cooperation and Dissemination Management of MusicalibreAssociation, NK Projekt resident artist, drums on Berlin Improvisers Orchestra…
Since 2007 is member of the F.O.C.O. Orchestra and Musica Libre in Madrid, and has performed with them under the conduction of William Parker, Keith Tippett, Eddie Prévost, David Leahy, Michael Fisher…
He has played with the London Improvisers Orchestra, Hans Tammen & Ursel Schlicht, Germán Bringas. With Dave Tucker & Ricardo Tejero we recorded Machinations of Joy at MTG Studio Sessions. In 2010 with Mario de Vega, Rogelio Sosa & Juan Pablo Villa we presented the premiere in the Hurta Cordel, of the mexican project Pandillismo, a powerful noise quartet performing in Barcelona and Madrid.
At the end of 90′s he played as invited musician with Decibel ( 1999 ), Culto Sin Nombre… Basically psicodelic bands, chamber music , rock in oposition and other folkloric fusions in Mexico City performing and opening shows… to Magma, John Wetton….
Julian currently is working in his solo project with manipulated drums, electronics and voice.

dj Ein volk, ein volk, ein situationnisme ®©

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