Sunday 10 January 2010

Low culture visual artefacts as new objects of desire

“Picó effects a détournement of both the graffiti artefact and the digital photograph of the graffiti, its image. Both of them are examples of discredited “low brow,” that is democratized, cultural artefacts of low value. Graffiti is valueless (unless it's by Banksy), and so is the digital snap. By embracing these democratic artefacts, then using digital tools to totally reconfigure them, Picó has managed to embrace the democratic nature of the source material and to create something out of them which is clearly that much-desired “unique work of art.” By Gillian McIver

My project for S.LOW aims to create a new body of work composed by several high quality digital images dealing with low culture/urban related found sources and responding to the city unique identity imagery. To create these artworks I will need to explore the city and surroundings, take photographs and work in the studio with the material. I will make digital changes to pre-existing objects, redesigning, recombining, or deleting aspects to represent the subject. The images I intend to create, will be concerned with the impact of civilization on the environment in all its forms.

Berlin Series_001. "Copyright © Ima Pico. 2009. All rights reserved"

Berlin Series_003. "Copyright © Ima Pico. 2009. All rights reserved"

Berlin Series_004. "Copyright © Ima Pico. 2009. All rights reserved"