Thursday 21 January 2010

Pond Life III - Sam Salem / Patrick Sanan

Sam Salem / Patrick Sanan for S.LOW

As a cross-disciplinary partnership between an artist / composer and a mathematician, we propose the development of:

Pond Life III
Following on from our success with Pond Life II, we plan to create a new version of the work, developing the themes and technologies of the piece further. Pond Life is a generative audiovisual laboratory that encourages audience exploration and participation. Pond Life II has been exhibited in Montreal (ICMC 2010) and is soon to be exhibited in New York (NYCEMF2).

We plan to create a new work that continues to explore the ideas of our previous collaboration:

• generating complexity from a multiplicity of simple interactions;
• interaction and the artwork as play;
• the audiovisual work as a consequence of a deeper behavioural system;
• the use and abuse of physical simulation to create real/surreal environments.

We plan to create a catalogue of audio and video recordings of the city of Berlin, which will provide material for future work. Sam Salem also plans to create a new interface for a future work, using objects from, and the inspiration of, Berlin.

Below Pondlife II

Pondlife II - ICMC 2009 from Windfarm Music on Vimeo.

Pondlife II - ICMC 2009 from Windfarm Music on Vimeo.

Projektraum Schwarz- Weichselstrasse 34. Berlin-Neukölln

From the 5th to the 11th of August 2010