Thursday 21 January 2010

About S.LOW


is a Berlin-based cross disciplinary project involving international and national visual artists, music composers working with electronic media, musicologists, performers, engineers, physical scientists and film-makers. The project aims to articulate synergies from such a mixed community of individuals who have been invited to respond to the concept of 'slow' and or 'low ', in the context of the city of Berlin.

A major focus exists on the exchange of methodologies and knowledge, to address similar creative questions, which will investigate ideas such as; the creative use of s/low technologies versus cutting-edge ones; the degree of speed built into the creative process/thinking, particularly in cross-disciplinary works; high-low cultural streams as experienced by participants coming from academic and non-academic environments; slow/fast environmental impact of art and artists producing art; and finally, it has additional scope for investigation around vocabulary such as; low-cost/ recycled materials/low-budget/open source and related grammar.

As the result of collaborations among practitioners and their interaction with the local community, expected outcomes will range from the creation of new works, to residencies, screenings, discussion of methodologies employed, workshops, performances, coffee roundtables, etc., which will take place during the months of July and August 2010.