Saturday 12 June 2010

Michael Larsson [Video artist / Photographer]


“Living the midnight madness adventures and stereosampling the surroundings; my journey goes between cities and places, shapes and colors. There, meeting people is easy. Inspiration is an eternal force feedback of everyday life – translated. Mixed. Re-mixed and triggered with the tools at my fingertips.” Michael Larsson

Michael Larsson (Born 1980) a.k.a Michael Tebinka is a visual composer who experiments with photography, video, motion graphics or any other (non) electronic method to manipulate light and visuals. He also dabbles in sound design with roots in electronic music, producing sets for ambience and soundtracks. Multi-disciplinary experimentation is his method of exploration. Today his projects span over several diciplines using analogue and digital media, mixing, re-mixing and constructing new material and frameworks as a result of translated inspiration through everyday life. The audiovisual mesh Michael creates is presented not only in a frame but also expands to performances and installation works where both video and sound appear in various constellations and forms.

Earlier collaborations involve music performances such as Analoga Institutet (S), audiovisual performances like Slim Vicked vs. MC Ohsoweird (S) and Videokonferens (S), all performed at Norberg Festival in Sweden (2003, 2005, 2007 and 2008). His works have been exhibited at the Earl Lu Gallery (Singapore, 2007) and at the Moonstruck TV event held at Lasalle, College of the arts (Singapore, 2007). In 2008 he participated in Moviken Art 2008 (Moviken, Sweden), an annual exhibition where a Swedish city is represented by its artists. Michael is continuously developing Deadpixel, a collaborative project that started in 2006 with the intention to challenge and evolve the realm of live visualisations. Deadpixel has since its start been doing visual performances and video installations in venues such as clubs and festivals as well as in the context of art exhibitions (in galleries, mining facilities and gas works).

Furthermore, Michael had often been invited to make appearances at the renowned Supperclub Singapore, creating special ambience with his live visuals. In 2009 Michael graduated from Lasalle, College of The Arts in Singapore with a class one BA (Hons) in Video Art which concluded a three year long journey and 13 video art works/installations/performances. During his time in Singapore (2006-2009) Michael also had the privilege to collaborate with Kai Syng Tan (artist, curator and art educator with more than 40 exhibitions around the world), shooting works which has been exhibited in Poznan National Museum (2007, Poland), 8Q Singapore Art Museum (2008, Singapore) and at the Guangzhou Triennale (2008, China).

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