Tuesday 15 June 2010


Venue: NK, Berlin

LOW-COST: Sonifying Urban Spaces and Imaginary Landscapes

Date: Friday 16th July - Time: 10am - 6pm

By: Iain McCurdy (N. Ireland) and Ricardo Climent (Spain)

A full-day practice-led workshop where participants will put their hands on task-oriented exercises involving low-cost sensors technology and open source software (mostly). Projects will be inspired by the iconography that is created by city transport maps and travel journeys. Examples and technology revealed will include McCurdy's Sonicography and Climent's Ho- A Sonic Expedition to Vietnam.

Language: The workshop will be mostly in English, although German and Spanish is supported.

More details about how to enrol for this workshop and (symbolic) cost will be come soon.

NK Link to Google MAP here