Monday 28 June 2010

Cristina Martin Lara

Cristina Martín Lara (Málaga, 1972) is one of the most outstanding emerging Andalusian artists today with a major exhibition record, numerous publications and being present in both private and public collections. "Landpartie" is her brand-new series since her previous "Si yo supiera a qué se debe..." acclaimed series and we have scheduled it during the Festival Off of PHE08.

"Landpartie" is an experiment. Cristina puts to test intimate feelings and emotions that are induced by our environment. Therefore she questions, not the thinking Cartesian subject, but the "feeling" subject inscribed into hypermodernity: "I talk about loneliness, loss, disorientation, about what could be but cannot be".

The person is thus subjected to the Pavlovian experiment carelessly, reduced to our most animal essence, more conditioned and more stripped of humanity: speedy carousels, loops… Something that seems funny but is not, something felt but that is pure simulacrum, something said that is nothing but a landslide silence, something thought but being a non-sense banality.

Cristina gives us the pieces of a puzzle with no apparent fitting but that requires our interpretation and our active involvement. Only by doing that we will be able to find a factible path, a road to somewhere...