Wednesday 12 May 2010

Kristina Frei

Kristina Frei is a photographer and designer based in Berlin.

Her work has been related with different areas involving the production of events, production management, editing, media, art, design and co-curating.
As a producer, she has been involved in media productions in Germany, USA, Mexico and Japan. Her photographic and video work has been exhibited in Finland, Spain, Germany and India.

She runs k/frame - a non-physical platform interested in the production, edition, research and design of sound-oriented projects. Currently she is working on editing the first issues of k/frame which is a printed matter platform focused on the interpolation of content.

- - -
SKIN is a sound sculpture-book divided in 11 chapters.
SOLVE: Chapter No.1, 7" Picture Disc, Limited edition of 222 numbered copies
COMPOSING: Original Alchemie Manuscript von Henry Kullrathal.
SAMPLING COLLAGE: Laibach - Krst Pod Triglavom/Baptism, Ljubjana-Zagreb-Bedgrad; Devil doll - Sacrilegium; Hermann Nitsch - Das 6-Tage-Spiel Des Orgien Mysterien Theaters; Antonin Artaud - Pour En Finir Avec Le Judgement De Dieu; Suenen tristes instrumentos - Cantos y música sobre la muerte.