Tuesday 12 January 2010

Solitude - Silence


Many of my works can be used as contemplations over the difference between noise as pollution and organised nonmusical sounds as works of art, often presented by me as music. Over the years I've felt that my works have more in common with poetry or scupltures rather than with the grand tradition of symphonic music. I sometimes choose to present my works as installations because this gives me a chance to break away from my musical heritage. I repeatedly return to old musical forms for inspiration but the listeners ear will surely not be able to comprehend the connection in the new settings. I often need to let small grains of sound sing solos and even let large transformations strike orchestral clusters. This time it will be a Scherzo in pianissimo - as a new beginning - centered around Solitude and Silence as two sides of the same sounding facet, accompanied by a fragile space of moving pictures.

The Great White Open – Solitude

When S.NOW is the only option. A storm that brutally obscures all past and future. Solitude in the eye of the storm. The footage was taken in the swedish mountains at heavy snowstorms during the winters of 2005-2007 in the search for the perfect whiteout.

Ferist – Silence

A tribute to the holiest of the holy just using the sound of silence that persists upon their disapperance from the woods of my childhood. The wilderness is slowly but firmly giving way for cultivation/destruction by humans. Ferist only sounds if you are prepared to listen.

You will be asked to sit down, not to move, to relax; hopefully it will be something there, just for you, in Silence, in Solitude.