Tuesday 12 January 2010

Cristina Ghetti

Cristina Ghetti, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she is currently living and working in Valencia, Spain. She is a visual artist and designer, developing her work in the fields of painting, photography and installations. She also works in digital animation. Licensed in Fine Arts by the “National School of BBAA P. Pueyrredón”, of Buenos Aires, and the Sant Carles's Fine Arts Faculty, Politechnical University of Valencia. She currently prepares a Master in Visual Arts & Multimedia at the Politechnic University of Valencia. She has obtained the Grant of the Mozarteum Intsitute for an art residence in the Cité Internationale des Arts, in Paris, France, and the Scholarship to the Creation in Visual Arts of the National Fundations of the Arts, Buenos Aires, to make studies of digital animation. She is the Director in Spain of Red Nomade, international cooperation project that promotes exchanges between Argentinian and European artists and intellectuals.

Cristina Ghetti. Múltiple