Friday 18 June 2010


Venue: NK, Berlin

Institute of Algorhythmics Presentation: Michael Chinen, Shintaro Miyazaki and Akitoshi Honda

Date: Friday 30 of July - Time: 7pm - 9pm

Akitoshi Honda and Michael Chinen will present their custom mp3 player with user-activity based visualization and synthesized funny symbol sounds and effects, called MiruTune.
MiruTune watches which applications are currently being used and record its timestamp. This data is stored as metadata for each mp3 file which is reloaded upon subsequent openings of the same mp3.
The sound effects are calculated from the computer's active memory state (RAM), pitch shift, symbol sounds based upon the currently active application's title, and a few others.
As more user activity data is collected, the music from the original mp3 becomes chunks of noises and funny synthesized sounds. 
Currently many people are listening to music thru a computer as background music. In other words, people are doing other tasks at the same time. MiruTune builds a relationship between these tasks and the music.
The Name comes from Miru (watch in japanese) and Tune.

Shintaro Miyazaki and Michael Chinen will present two of their projects which analyze and sonify algorithms and hidden processes that happen within your everyday computer usage.  lstn is a custom debugger which can attach to any running program on a mac to decode and sonify elements of the program such as memory state and opcodes while being able to control the program's speed and other elements. 
AlgorhythmicSorting is a sonification and visualization of several popular sorting algorithms.  Sorting algorithms are very common, yet simple algorithms that exhibit various levels of complexity.  They were chosen to demonstrate as proof of concept that the structure and complexity of algorithms can be useful for sonification and visualization.

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