Tuesday 15 June 2010


Venue: NK, Berlin

Open Studio Ringtone Recording Session

Date: Friday 30th, July 2010

Given by: Teresa Foley (USA)

What does Berlin sound like? You! Bring your robots, moo-cow toys, drums, rattles, harmonica or voice, and your super-bad self, and MAKE YOUR OWN TONE! S.LOW will provide an appropriate space and minimal collaborative support for the session; the artist will provide the technical know-how and all recording equipment. Audio content must be copyright free (i.e., original compositions or sounds which exists in the natural world). Tone duration will be 30 seconds or less. Participants at this session will be photographed for possible inclusion in project exhibitions and archives. Tones will be made available to the public (as MP3s) by the end of September 2010 at www.locallytoned.org.

Language: English

More details about how to enrol for this workshop and (symbolic) cost will be come soon.

NK Link to Google MAP here