Thursday 29 October 2009

surround wunderbar studio, Prenzlauer berg

surround wunderbar studio's LOGO

Pictured above, laboratory ONE, sws

5.0 Genelec surround (8020's and HT205)
Subwoofer/crossover Energy
Soundcraft FX16ii; 16 direct out channels and 2 NEUTRIK patchbays
MOTU 2048 sound card
Additional experimental speaker rings:
- Ring of eight microlab music cube speakers
- GDR Isophone Colonna speaker: mono-stereo-Rundstrahler Kombination
- Suspended spherical sperkers (mono surround) and Telefunken
Three navigation wheels.
Custom made PC (2009 high specs for visuals) - Linux and Windows
Apple systems (various)
Video projector and screen
Max 5 License
Open source oriented studio

Surround wunderbar studio