Thursday 29 October 2009

Carlos Cid

Carlos Cid (Madrid, 1965) constructs an introspective photography made of mental labyrinths represented by ancestral woods, akin to neuronal networks that interweave states of mind, thoughts, feelings, and altered emotions, to the limit. To achieve that, he uses a technique that gives up the concrete in order to develop an abstraction that succeeds to amaze us, full of inspiration.

Carlos Cid's photography portraits landscapes, but only apparently, as the influential Soviet filmmaker Andrei Tarkovski did with his "oceans of conscience" in his film "Solaris" (1972) based on the homonymous book by the Polish writer Stanislaw Lem.

Woods, oceans, that we sail like persons in crisis, in painful transition, and in continuous change; in the end, a true reflection of our present hypermodern life.

Kaizen. Carlos Cid