Thursday 10 September 2009

Visual Art Projects and Happenings

[-] Elephant [Gail Ritchie]
This proposal takes a non judgemental look at the recent pasts of both Belfast and Berlin, through the lens of European history and acknowledges how each city has confronted its past and moved forward.
Initially informed by photographing World War Two bunkers in Berlin and around Belfast in 2009, the concept developed in Paris where I was undertaking a period of research into the architecture of First World War memorials.. For more information click here

[-] Low culture visual artefacts as new objects of desire [Ima Pico]
My project for S.LOW aims to create a new body of work composed by several high quality digital images dealing with urban-related found sources and responding to the city unique identity imagery. For more information click here

[-] Emerging Economies/ refreshing the art scene? [Ghetti/Pico & Various artists; a battle of art curators]
An artistic battle of screenings between videoart developed in emerging economies such as India, versus a selection of other created by 'western' artist will confront curator Christina Ghetti (Red Nomade) and Ima Pico (BlackDuck Arts). Pico is specially travelling to India to curate audio-visual works for European showcase whereas Ghetti... For more information click here

[-]  The Participatory Performative Lab [Various artists]
This collective project proposed by S.LOW reunites a series of unique, experimental, and unconventional personal proposals, which may have speculative or hypothetical outcomes. It explores alternative visions of our environment, which may not be the one that we individually experience. For more information click  here

[-]  Practice-led environmental artworks [Various artists]
This proposal is inspired by LARU, an annual international art exhibition event run by Egle Oddo, Nastia Eliseeva and Anu Miettinen. As a framework for investigation, S.LOW proposes artists to investigate via creative output, why Berlin is often considered as one of the most pleasantly habitable and culturally rich capital cities of Europe. For more information click  here